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Smartphone Basics

Smartphones Explained

A smartphone is like having a fancy mini-computer right there in your pocket. It’s a multifaceted device that combines a telephone, computer, and camera together in one! Sounds pretty handy, right? They have become an important part of functioning society, helping people connect by speaking, writing (texting), sharing photos and videos, and even more. It’s clearly such a useful and exciting device with so much potential that you want to get on board with. Now, it’s fine if you are unsure or worried that you won’t be able to learn it or ‘get your head around it’ because as you start learning, this uncertainty will fade away. Try our helpful beginners guide on smartphones (insert link)


Phone Calls, Text Messages And Camera Use For Smartphones

Master the basic smartphone functions – learn how to easily call a family member, send someone a quick message, save new phone numbers, take a photo of the grandkids or your garden, and more. Smartphones have so many functions that it can be overwhelming, but if you master the basics, you’re 80% of the way there.

Let the Senior Web Whiz guide you in learning how to send text messages, organize you phone contacts, effortlessly take photos and videos and even apply basic filters to them. Ever taken a photo on your phone, only to check it later and realize  that’s too dark? Our helpful guides can show you how to apply basic light filters to make your photo look perfect.

Smartphone taking a photo

Smartphone Apps, Email And Internet

Confused about “Apps” and don’t know how to find the App Store? Lack confidence in ‘surfing the web’ searching online? The Senior Web Whiz can help you with all of this. Smartphone apps are a just digital tools and your phone is the toolbox. Just like a screwdriver is used for certain screws a smartphone app is used for certain functions (send a message, edit a photo, play a game, make a phone call).


Email isn’t as complicated as it may seem at the moment, once you set up your email (we can help you there), you’ll be sending digital letters to friends and family near and far. Our how-to article guides will teach you all the email basics you need including email set up, choosing an address and email provider, attaching and sending images and more.


The internet is a fantastic tool to help you learn (look at us now) and also laugh. There is so much knowledge and right there waiting for you should you ever need it. Learning how to use the internet is so important to educate and empower yourself. Let the Senior Web Whiz help you learn the basics and help start you on your internet journey

Fake Text Messages

Learn how to protect yourself from scam emails and texts. Fake messages from you bank, made-up texts from a family member at the shops, devious scammers are getting sneakier in how they try to steal your personal information and your hard-earned money. You need to learn how to first spot a scam and then what to do about it. Don’t be scared off from using smartphones by these crooks, the Senior Web Whiz is experienced in dealing with fake text messages for smartphones and can help you protect yourself.

Fake Smartphone Text

Smartphone Troubleshooting

New smartphone users can encounter a variety of frustrating problems that can lead to some users giving up using a smartphone and all the great things that come with this. Often, solving these problems are more simple and straightforward than you would ever guess! Have you ever had your smartphone become really slow, almost like it’s working in slow motion? How about when you touch the screen to open something and nothing happens? Your phone battery not even lasting the day, the phone’s internet isn’t working or the phone storage is full? These problems all have straightforward solutions and the Senior Web Whiz can help you find the answers. Try our troubleshooting how-to guide here.

Scam Phone Numbers

Scam phone numbers are phone numbers used by people or groups of people with deceptive intentions. These individuals or groups use these ‘fake’ phone numbers to impersonate organizations like banks or government agencies such as the Australian Tax Office (ATO) – these people are like modern-day con artists, trying to deceive you out of your money or personal details. In some instances these people attempt to scam you by calling from these phone numbers and pretending to be your bank, asking for your personal details (date of birth, address etc.) which they will later use to attempt to hack into your bank account to steal your money. This is just of the techniques that these devious people use to scam you, read you guide on dealing with scam phone numbers by ‘clicking here’

Lady looking at scam phone number
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