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Computers Explained

Picture having a the biggest library in the world, a cinema with countless movies to choose from and a filing cabinet that has almost unlimited storage, but its all contained in a device that can site on a small coffee table… Sound good to you? That’s  what you get with a computer.

Computers can be either desktop personal computer (PC) or laptops (we will discuss the difference shortly).  A desktop PC is typically referred to as a computer and a laptop is just called a laptop. Desktop personal computers (PC’s) are easy to remember because they are found on a desk of course! Laptops are helpful because you can take them nearly anywhere and use them and Laptops can do almost everything a computer (PC) can do.

Once you learn how to use one you can open up all that to yourself. So, might be worth a try eh? The Senior Web Whiz can help you with this. We have articles, videos and pictures to help empower and educate you with computers and it is all free! We start with a basic overview of computers, turning them on and off, navigating the desktop and using the mouse and keyboard before moving onto things like email, internet and computer security.

Learning To Use Email

Learning to use email can have a huge benefit on peoples lives. It is a tool that lets you send messages, photos or videos and send them instantly to people you know, anywhere in the world (for free). Handwritten letters are sometimes nice but they can be lost or delayed by the postal service or even damaged over time. Even if you change your computer you can always access your emails and you’ll always have those important messages from your family or friends.


Email on typwriter

Computer Troubleshooting

When people begin to use computers there are a range of annoying and disruptive problems that can be encountered. Do you have a new computer but it seems to work at the speed of a computer that is decades old? Is the internet connection constantly dropping out or even worse, not connecting at all? Is your printer making strange noises that make it sound like a robot from a  science fiction movie?Is the screen blurred or frozen? Did you save a document last week and now have no idea how to find it again? Confused about how to manage your passwords? Or is your computer simply not even turning on? These problems all have solutions that are simpler thank you might think and the Senior Web Whiz can help you find the answers. Try our troubleshooting how-to guide here.

Using The Internet

When you learn to effectively browse (use) the internet it will open a world of fantastic possibilities and practical benefits. Having access to a library of information with information on almost anything will let you watch educational videos on anything you’re curious about, discover new interests and hobbies and also helps you get things done more effectively. Imagine being able to order your weekly groceries, do your banking for the month and plan a holiday or weekend trip all without leaving your lounge room (and in a fraction of the time it would take in person!). This is possible with a basic understanding of the internet and some patience during the learning period.

Wifi internet with computers

Computer Software Explained

Confused about the difference between software vs hardware? Need to install a program on your computer but have no idea where to begin? The Senior Web Whiz can help explain this. Hardware (computer screen, keyboard and electrical components inside) is like a motor car and the software (Programs on the computer – Microsoft Word, Google Chrome web browser etc.) is the driver in the car that tells it how fast to go, when to turn etc. Computer software is like instructions for the computer to tell it what to do. Want to know more? Read our how-to guide and click here

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